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The Sports Taboo Essay

  • Submitted by: ilubety
  • on May 8, 2009
  • Category: Social Issues
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“The Sports Taboo” is the essay Malcolm Gladwell writes about two main reasons creating the differences between Blacks and Whites. The first reason for their differences in sports is about genetic variances. . With the research of Kenneth Kidd, at Yale, about DNA samples, he shows that there are many more genetic variations in one stretch of DNA in African people than everyone in the whole world. Because genetic factors have influences in running ability, with many more genetic variations in bodies, Blacks are extremely faster or slower than Whites but fewer Africans at the average speeds. This result is also the same as what comes out from the research about boys and girls in mathematical area. The consequence is that more males than females at the top and bottom of the math scores but more female than male in the middle. And because of these similar results, Malcolm goes to the conclusion that “Blacks are like boys. Whites are like girls.” Furthermore, Malcolm points out it is not the reason that Africans are black, so they are better at sports than Whites, but it is because of the genetic variability inside the bodies of African population, it helps them to become elite athletes in the world like Michael Jordan, Tiger Wood, Wayne Gretzky, or Cal Ripken.
To the second reason of the differences between black and white athlete, Malcolm gives out the cause of it is based on the stereotype that blinds the natural ability in white people. Back to the research on boys and girls about math, psychologist finds out an interesting thing that ”the smarter girls are, the more likely they are to fall into this trap,” which is created by their stereotype that because they are not intelligent enough, it’s hardly for them to solve the problems of the more difficult tasks like algebra or advanced calculus. And with the same stereotype inside white people that “ Blacks achieve through natural ability and Whites through effort” in sports, they never realize their own sports...

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