Stress Can Affect Us in Many Areas of Our Lives.

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Stress can affect us in many areas of our lives. On one hand it can affect our health in bad way it can cause death or be a major contributor to death. It can also affect our relationships and work. On the other hand a little stress can be actually good. It can place a little pressure on us in order that you can perform better. It can also act as a challenge, and give more focus, and ultimately be partly responsible for successful achievements in our lives, which may not have been accomplished without a small degree of stress. So, stress can also be a motivator and can enable us to perform at higher levels of achievement. However, if the body is subjected to long periods of stress, or if the person can do nothing to escape from the stressful situation, very often secondary stress reactions set in. It is this long term or chronic stress that causes damage to the body. This can affect our immune system and damage it. Headaches, poor energy levels, poor concentration, emotional outbursts, anxiety and depression: all this symptoms can be caused by stress. When you feel stressed this can prevent us from enjoying life and experiencing the feel-good factors. This can make life appear meaningless and lead to depression. Stress can also affect relationships greatly. If one partner is over stressed, they can react unreasonably to the other person and be quite difficult to deal with. This can act like a chain reaction whereby the stress the person is under causes them to behave badly with their partner which can lead to more rows and arguments. These in turn can lead to more stress within the relationship for both parties. Sometimes people turn to alcohol or other drugs to help them deal with stress. This can develop into a problem in itself, and increase the amount of stress for that person in the long run. Stress can affect our whole outlook on life and also affect
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