Causes Of Distress

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Unit 55 Outcome 1 1.1 Identify common causes of distress Often causes of distress are through events happening such as a death of a loved one or friend, financial difficulties, relationship problems, illness. 1.2 Describe signs that may indicate an individual is distressed * Lack of concentration * Lack of motivation * Fatigue * Looks pale * Anxiety/panic/worrying * Irritability or short temper * Being tearful 1.3 Explain how distress may affect the way an individual communicates The individual may become withdrawn and avoid social outings, unable to face reality or responsibilities, impact on confidence causing low self esteem , worries easily and become very panicked and anxious, avoids eye contact. 1.4 Explain how working…show more content…
Active listening, counselling , therapeutic techniques , preferred method of communication that suits them , drawing , use of symbols and pictures, writing, group meetings. 4.2 work with the individual and others to identify triggers for distress. Monitoring the individual, understand behavioural patterns, get input off family or friends of the individual, written reports, discussions and communication. 4.3 Work with an individual and others to reduce triggers or alleviate causes of distress. To identify triggers leading to stress, relaxation techniques, change in lifestyle e.g. exercise, diet. Review of needs and medication review. Access to support. 4.4 Encourage the individual to review there usual ways of coping with distress. Having a conversation with them will help review their usual ways of coping, using a person centred approach, reviews of support plan and needs of the individual, talking to family and friends of the individual, intervention if needed. Outcome 5 5.1 Maintain records relating to the individuals distress and the support
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