Women Violence and Gray Zones

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Women Violence and Gray Zones: Resolving the Paradox of the Female Victim-Perpetrator Jiles Walker CJA/334 March 25, 2013 Charles Courtoy Women Violence and Gray Zones Identify the purpose of the research study: The research study focus is on women who have suffered from domestic abuse and because of the violence they suffered they have become abusers themselves. The research study also focuses on the gray zones. The purpose of the research study is to examine the concept of victim-perpetrators. This study will also focus on the binary and mutual ways the victim and offender operate. Victim-perpetrators are men and women who have become perpetrators as well as victims. They are individuals who have decided to administer the same treatment to others that was administered to them. Describe the design of the study: The design of the research is case study it is based on an in-depth investigation. This method is a form of qualitative descriptive research, which is used to look at individuals or groups. Data is gathered about the individual or individuals using participant and direct observation, interviews, and examination of records. When obtaining or collecting data it is important that researchers have the same understanding and are collecting data in the same way. The collection of data must be done in a clear and concise manner. An operational definition is important and is essential when applied to data collections, it must be a clear concise detailed definition of a measure. It is extremely important when decisions are made about whether something is correct or incorrect. The use of operational
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