After The Montreal Massacre Film Analysis

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The documentary “After the Montreal Massacre” presents us with a fragment of our society that is difficult to contemplate. When one person, acting alone can inflict so much death, suffering and grief finding a theory that explains everything is complex. The feminist explanations of crime are relevant to this case and help to explain some of what happened that day and also try to uncover what measures can be taken to prevent violence like this from happening. The cold blooded murder of these fourteen women by Marc Lepine is an extreme example of the violence women all over the world face in their lives. Domestic violence, sexual assaults, rape and discrimination, situations most women encounter in one form or another, at some point in their lives. According to socialist feminist theory on crime we live in a patriarchal system that…show more content…
In Lepines’ letter, he sites how feminists had ruined his life and they were the reason he committed this crime. Feminist theory on crime explains this thought clearly. Lepines’ ideas about the roles of women were formed by a patriarchal society leading him to believe in some that women were not equal to men and should not be given all the opportunities of men (Knuttila, 305). These women wanted to be educated and become engineers; Lepine could not cope with this fact and blamed women, namely feminist for his short comings in life. Did Lepine come up with these ideas himself or was he a product of a society that dictated classical roles and oppression of women? The latter is probably true. The double standard that exists needs to be altered. When examining terrible acts like this threw a feminist perspective on crime, this idea becomes even more painfully

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