Application Case 3-1:

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APPLICATION CASE 3-1: SEXUAL HARASSMENT CASES ARE BECOMING MORE COMPLEX (Note: To receive full credit please expand your answers to communicate your understanding of the subject) 1. (25 points) Should the President of Caritas Christi Health Care be fired? Why or why not? I think the President of Caritas Christi Health Care should be fired if the descriptions of sexual harassment is true. Obviously, his behaviour of “sexually charged looks and gestures” and “unnecessary touching” such as hugging is a sexual harassment action to women if the women were not willing to. And first, we should confirm this issue that Haddad really had done those things to female staffs and his actions corresponded to the reports from at least 10 women. Sexual harassment cases are hard to confirm because it rarely has witnesses, so a proper investigation should take place to the authenticity of Haddad’s behaviour, If it corresponds to the reports that he allegedly sexually harassed to the female staffs, he have to be terminated. And there are three “progressive discipline policy” that written warnings, suspensions, and determination, the reason I think he should be terminated , not written warnings or suspensions is that he has high level position in the company he number of victims is more than ten, it is a sexual harassment case that by senior management personnel to numbers of female staffs. If he does not be fired, and his behaviour would go beyond the scope of the company’s definition of sexual harassment, then many female staffs would be “legally” harassed. 2. (25 points) Why is the handling of sexual harassment cases considered complicated? The reason why handling of sexual harassment cases is considered complicated is that the credibility of accused often could not be proved. Because there are few witnesses, the accuser’s descriptions of sexual
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