Women Roles in Kenya

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David Wainaina Kajsa Hallberg Adu Text and meaning Written and oral communication 04/12/2012 Women Sexual Objectifications. The studies of popular culture have attracted many researches in our current society. This changing trend has crystallized its significances in our lives in various ways. Hip-hop life and culture influence in our society is far reaching. As many youths strive to conform to modernity in the world today, women have become victim of this transformation. In its relevance, youths have embraced practices as shown in music videos and lyrics by forming a fertile platform of women objectification. In Kenya, hip-hop music has changed men perspectives on women leading to uprise in cases of injustices against women. According to United Nation Development Fund for Women, (2009), in Kenya 83% of women have faced childhood physical abuse and 61% as adults. Basing my argument on this topic I will prove my thesis statement; The Hip-hop music video “Pop That” by French Montana, is an example of the objectification of women through popular culture, which is relevant to their changing role among youth in Kenya today. The theme of sex is focused by hip-hop music where women happen to be victims. The title “pop that” which means swing your bottom, actually refers to women being urged to do it for men enjoyment. The bikini and tops expose much of their bodies as they are supposed to be sexy. Is this what women are graded upon here on earth? Hip hop which started in united states of America by African American citizens, has become a major entertainment platform for many youths in the world. It spreads like fire on the desert through media, in this case radio, television and videos. Hip hop being among the most watched music video by Kenyan youths, has greatly influenced their feelings towards
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