Music Impact On Black Women Essay

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Marie Tougouma Ms.Scott English Composition 102 July 5, 2016 Music Impact On Black Women Music is a big part of our social and cultural life in the world. It will be used by singers to display society emotion by progress love, peace or to denounce society being. Different kind of music can be noticed like Soul, Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae, Jazz and more. Since music propagates an educate message to reach their audience, hip-hop music has been associates with violent, misogynistic, imagery in spite of its tightly bound for male and female singers and their notable fan. The author writes this article for respond at Kevin Powell’s article “Notes of Hip Hop Head.” The article reaches black women. In “Hip-Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women” Vol.4, No.1 2006 Jennifer Mclune tries to get reader attention that hip-hop men song not only dehumanizes women but…show more content…
Like Tupac Shakur said, “we were given this world, we did not make it”(2). McLune argues that all genders were subjected to the rough times, economic hardships, and socioeconomic plan used as an excuse for the harsh, derogation. McLune used an emotionally charge language to write this essay because she relates the feelings of many black women in today’s society by being refer as bitches in the hip-hop song, on the radio, TV,.. is a disgrace to they feel so or not. She also describe women living in the same environment with males who still see women like their enemy in their music. McLune used this emotionally charge language because she tries to achieve black women lives in the hip-hop culture. She feels that Powell’s argument is insufficient to address the sexism in hip-hop topic, she arguments that Powell only offers more excuses for something is not inexcusable. Specially, McLune states

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