The Video Vixen

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The music industry is a billion dollar corporation that aims to sell its artist and the artist’s music to young America, while influencing our language, our style and our thought process. The key way to promote these artists is through music videos. Yes, radio still plays a significant role, but these days with YouTube, and the amount of Television that young America watches music videos are the driving force behind an artist and how many records they will sell. In these hip-hop music videos a common theme is seen, the African American female. And, in most cases they are seen as property and mere objects to men. The article “Where My Girls At?: Negotiating Black Womanhood in Music Videos” by Rana Emerson focuses on the present-day issue that many black woman are facing in the music industry. Her center of attention was to prove and “identify how music videos exhibit and reproduce the stereotypical notions of black womanhood faced by you black females,” and in addition she “discusses the ways that black woman performers use music videos” for sexist philosophy. Emerson proves her argument by composing her own study with the use of theoretical sampling. She watches fifty-six music videos that have a black female performing in them on television stations such as MTV, VH1 and BET. Emerson tapes the videos during the afternoon, which is the time of day that most teens and young adults would be viewing these stations, because record companies want to target that exact market. Her studies find that thirty out of the fifty-six videos have three themes. The first is hip-hop vides exploit black females and there physical features, the majority of the women had large breast, a thin waist, thick thighs and a large butt. These features made them the perfect video vixen. The second theme found was that most women were young and extremely attractive. Pregnant woman,

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