Effects Of The Media On African American Women

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Effects of the Media on African American Women Being an African American woman I have had firsthand experience on how the media has portrayed both an unconstructive and encouraging image of us. African American Women casted, in too roles to play as characters in the movies as well as on television are more often than not portrayed in an unflattering roles. All women have been stereotyped in one way or another, but African American Women have been stereotyped by other races as well as our own. Now in these recent years we have been breaking down barriers showing everyone that African American Women are not what you think we are we are better. Unfortunately there are a great deal of troublesome images that are being shown about women in the African American community that has absorbed into their psychological mind. When you turn on the television or go to the movies, pay attention to the roles that African-American women play. Think about how often you see an African-American woman being portrayed on the screen as brave, intelligent, and strong or playing a leadership role? As an African American woman I am dissatisfied with the media’s portrayal of us. I feel that this trend must be stopped and the only way is for us to boycott the media, stop buying music that depicts us as anything less than what we are. Avoid going to the movies and watching television shows that degrades us, as a result producers will start to cut down on the warped characters that many African American Women are coerced into playing. How the world sees African American women, and more importantly how America sees African American women is important to the health of our overall society. African American women in the media have been characterize as; Nannies, Mothers, drug dealers/ users, video vixens and anything else that you can think of. African American women have come a long way through

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