The Difference Between Love and Hate

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Tanaijah Walker 2/17/15 Pd.6 3. Do television programs like Empire negatively portray African-Americans? Different Media program have played a serious role in the way African American women and men are portrayed. Many television reality and American Television series shows focus on drug use, violence and crime. These cause other people from different racists to look at blacks in a bad way. It also causes society to live in fear, hate and racism. I believe that it isn’t fair how a television show can bring so many thoughts and opinions on black people. Studies state “most people in U.S. society are well aware of the many stereotypes and images surrounding black males.” Television programs should be used to educate and inform the viewers. Most African American shows portray males as violent, dead beats fathers, lazy and gangsters. In reality, most men are the breed winners and loving to their children. These negative representations of black men are showed to the public through news, films and reality TV which people look at and start coming to conclusions. Producers of these shows may not realize that they are seeking stereotypes when they put black males in certain positions. Every day, we are bombed with images of African American women lowering their standards by posing half naked and having silly arguments on social media. Women are portrayed as angry, loud, fighters and demanding. Many shows are examples of these characteristics such as house wives of Atlanta, Love & Hip Hop and Bad Girl Clubs. In these shows, women are very angry and confused so they act out. By this, people outside of the African American race may not understand so they go by what they see. This is not good for society because it gives the impression to young girls that we suppose to act that way. I believe producers should really look at the way the form of cast is because if they
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