Trash Rap Makes Imus Possible Analysis

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Critique Essay “Trash Rap Makes Imus Possible. By: Earl Ofari Hutchinson” This article is about how well known talk radio host that broadcasted a show call Imus in the morning. He was later fired to do the fact that he called the Rutgers University woman’s basketball “nappy headed hoes”. Earl agrees that Imus should be punished for his racial slur towards a black woman, but is it truly his fault? Famous rappers such as Snoop Dog, 50 Cent, R. Kelly, and ECT… have almost planted these racial slurs into our minds through there “trashy rap”. Imus in morning was not only reprimanded for his comments but later let go, due to the uprising of the black community. Rappers, Movie Stars, Comedians and even Gangsters have been giving black woman and negative name calling them “items, hoes, and even bitches.” This is not even in the privacy of their home it is in public on movies and even cd’s. Earl believes that this is due to the fact that these black celebrities are giving an ok to everyone to degrade woman of their own race. He states that “The same…show more content…
He also brings up about how civil right leaders have the right to bash these black celebrities that are putting down their own race. They fought so hard to be free and have the same rights as a white person so he is confused on why they would bash their own race. He should have added more statistics and maybe where he got his facts. He says the homicide is on the rise for black woman and rape is often found with black girls primarily. Where did he get those statistics? Are they nationwide or are they primarily black neighborhood’s I think he needs to be more specific and gives some more details and examples. I also think he should have shown more emotion in his writing he made powerful points but needed to show more emotion more
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