Power Dynamics Essay

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Power Dynamics There is a countless amount of power dynamics that exist within the power structure of our society. Uplifting or oppressing a group of people can only take one person to accomplish, which can cause a negative or a positive outcome. The negative outcomes result in situations such as mass murders, similar to what Adolf Hitler did by ordering the killings of 12 million people. Positive dynamics help people come together as one, and disregard racism and oppression, such as how Martin Luther King Junior accomplished by writing “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” 500. Abusing the privilege of having high authority is one power dynamic people use. Most leaders use this power dynamic, because they believe the law is in their hands and they are above it. This is catastrophically wrong, because society needs to have trust in authority, but if they cannot have that trust, then the system will have no use for anything. The essays “Talking Back, by Bell Hooks; Resistance to Civil Government, by Henry David Thoreau; and Aint I a Woman, by Sojourner Truth” all address the troubles such power dynamics like the abuse of authority -had an impact on their lives. The tyranny civilians felt was surreal. In “Aint I a Woman”, Sojourner Truth anxiously talked about how and why African-American women did not have the same rights as white men had and why there was no equality between them. Bell Hooks’, “Talking Back” also shares significance with what Truth had to express. Hooks conveys that even though women have the right to speak, they are not being listened to and what they say does not make a difference in the matter. Thoreau’s “Resistance to Civil Government”, has many similarities with Martin Luther King Junior’s letter. They both express that authority took control and did not allow them to move how they wanted to. Thoreau states that if one follows the Government’s
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