How Does Gabler Ruin Society

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Garcia 1 Jessica Garcia Mr. Holston AP English Language and Composition May 14, 2012 Q3 Gabler Revision Since the turn of the twenty-first century entertainment has shifted, and now, as Gabler wrote in his book, has the effects of being "effortless, sensational, and mindless." Many people with low self-esteem and whom have a high tolerance for technology may argue with this fact and defend that it is fun. Although Gabler's assertion is correct, entertainment has also reached the common ground of being manipulative and influential to its audience, leading to have the capacity to ruin society. Entertainment, especially television, has a great amount of influence amongst children and teenagers of today's generation. Although television broadcasting don't have harmful intentions toward people, it still has a negative effect on its viewers. Entertainment has the capacity to use their t.v. shows to manipulate people into doing assertive things and by putting thoughts into peoples' minds. Because teenagers are repeatedly dealt with peer…show more content…
Children from any age group have been introduced to all sorts of music genres containing explicit language and situations. The majority of music released is either about having sex, making money, going to the clubs, or doing drugs. Women are also being seen as merely sexual objects, and degrading them has shockingly been natural to hear amongst the general public. For example, in Akon's song "Smack That" featuring Eminem quotes, "Smack that, all on the floor, smack that, give me some more." Having the entire nation listening to these lyrics takes a step back in civilization and reversing any progress feminists have done to gain respect of women. Having a lack of respect for eachother and in language has become a primary problem in our
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