Hip-Hops Betrayal of Black Women

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The title of this is Hip-Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women by Jennifer McLune. This is all about hip-hop and how it affects black women including racism, sexism, genders, and different dimensions of the personal life. What hip-hop does to men and women and the intentions of hip-hop in society today, I think hip-hop is fun, and different. To some extent, some of the things that they use and say are wrong and shouldn’t be used in the way that hip-hop uses it but I do think it is fun and different and also another way to express thoughts, feelings, etc. The hip-hop artists get very creative with it and it’s interesting to hear and see. In Hip-Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women, Jennifer talks a lot about Kevin Powell. Kevin Powell is a writer, he also writes about hip-hop. The hip-hop industry is very challenging and against black women. Black men are capable of doing so many things to go against black women. This all leads to poverty, sexism, violence etc. Women grow up in an environment of poverty but they don’t create the negative view of black men as male rappers make of women. Hip-hop artists continuously write and rap about all the negative things that have happened in their environment but it is almost always directed towards black women, such as their mom’s when they were growing up, their sisters or any females that they had around them when they were growing up. The decent females they’ve had in their life, they always seem to give props to them through writing or their raps. If it’s not them addressing the women throughout their life their giving props to other rappers, perhaps because they look up to those other rappers. Jennifer continues to talk about how hip-hop puts pressure on women and how women are categorized into different things because of the way hip-hop and society is today. Women are categorized under different things and being called different

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