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GHETTONATION Cole Doren, 4-27-11 Cora Daniels’s focus of her book Ghettonation is to show how our society today looks upon the lifestyle of being “ghetto” through the media. The USA's younger generation is being wooed by the flashy hip-hop lifestyle, which has gone increasingly mainstream with baggy fashions, gold teeth and the different slang words that are used. But at what cost is our nation sacrificing for this behavior. Cora Daniels argues in Ghettonation that a "ghetto" mind-set and which she says celebrates the worst of human nature. "Ghetto" styles, from wearing gaudy jewelry to using the n-word in ordinary conversation, have caught on with teens and young adults who aren't black, yet who seem to enjoy imitating famous hip-hop artists such as 50 Cent and Three 6 Mafia. The "ghetto-ization" of America, which includes everything from baggy clothes to racial slurs and slacker attitudes, is triggering concern far beyond urban neighborhoods. Cora Daniels worries about a downward cultural spiral where suburban boys work as pimps, middle-class girls aspire to dance like strippers and dropping out of school is often seen as acceptable. Daniels believes "the bar has dropped so low for acceptable behavior that we don't even know where it is anymore." She emphasizes that "this is not a black thing. It's a national thing.""This behavior is celebrated. It's now something folks don't have shame about," Daniels says. "Our expectations have gotten too low." Beyond the media, Daniels argues, "ghetto" is a staple of many youth subcultures. What troubles certain onlookers is when youthful fans not only listen to the urban sound of hip-hop but also borrow from certain rappers' attitudes and lyrics, freely using dirty slang words. The lyrics tend to downgrade women and society has adapted to this behavior. She describes women are not treated how women should be

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