Voice of Black Women Rappers

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Chase Winter Commodities 10 May 2011 The Voice of Black Women Rappers Black women are relatively new to the world of rap music. It was and still is dominated by black men. Rap was originally preformed only by strong black men to a limited audience but has continued to spread to a much larger portion of society. However today black women rappers are increasing in numbers and making themselves relevant according to Tricia Rose in her book Black Noise. For years many people have supported the notion that women have been devalued and under appreciated in society. This gave rise to the feminist movement. The feminists have pushed for equal treatment with men for many years. This includes economic, social, physical, sexual and equality in all aspects of our society. Black women have a different set of concerns than do many other women and their push for equality uses rap as a way to achieve this. Rose argues a predominate theme presented by these black female rappers is the importance of redefining heterosexual relationships and the way men and women interact. There is also the importance of the strength of the black female voice. In rap music women have always played an essential role. They are often the subjects of the material presented in the song. Although rap is usually viewed as an urban male culture it wouldn’t be what it is without the influence of women. These women show mastery in rap and combine their lyrical skills with displays of physical and sexual expression that disrupt dominant notions of feminism. The women in rap are fighting for more dignified images of black women and their struggle with race as well as patriarchy. Feminism was founded under the belief that all women were treated as second-class citizens and according to the male dominated world their existence was configured as less important and thus under appreciated. For thousands of

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