Hip Hop's Effect on Teens

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How Does Hip Hop Affect Teenagers? Dominique Young Lazzo | Outline Introduction Topic 1: Hip hop’s history Topic 2: How hip hop is effective and who it affects a. The biggest targets is the youth b. Why teens want to be in the hip hop industry c. Where the ideas come from d. How it influences teens e. Hip hop’s appearance effective ways Topic 3: Hip hop is not what it used to be Topic 4: The hip hop industry is not the only one to blame a. Parents, peers, and the entire media can be blamed too b. How we can help make it positive “Starships were meant to fly!” sung by Nicki Minaj, one of the most known music artists in the hip hop industry. What is a starship anyways? These days you can’t tell what artists are thinking when they wear the clothes they wear and say the things they say, but adolescents seem to love it, or even find it amusing. The hip hop culture started back more than a few decades ago, in the late 1960’s. It was used to express a rapper’s life through poetic lyrics. It was most popular in African American and Latino communities. It was a way for them to get away from their life problems and just enjoy life. “Rap music is very influential and can have positive or negative effects, according to some experts.” (Killion) ““To say there is no influence and no effect is naïve,” said Murray Forman, professor of media studies at Northeastern University in Boston.” (Killion) ““It is a known fact that hip-hop has taken over, in a sense, the mainstream youth culture,” said Emmett Price, a professor at Northeastern University in Boston, who teaches hip-hop culture. “So, the young kids from the age of being able to speak to going on to high school are influenced by hip-hop culture whether they listen to music or not.”” (Killion) Adolescents are the biggest targets in the hip hop culture

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