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Controversy of Hip Hop How you ever ask your self of what kind of impact the music of Hip Hop has base on its lyrics in society? For the lat ten years Hip Hop has state as one of the most popular, and successful type of music here in the United States. Artist’s successfully becoming rich in short amount of time as a result of selling millions of copies of albums. The music of Hip Hop has been a controversial topic for many years because of its offensive lyrics, and influence of violence to the public. Activists fighting to pass a measure in congress that would restrict rappers from using dirty lyrics. There goal is to save the reputation of Hip Hop and stop the usage of cusswords, and offensive messages to certain groups. People would…show more content…
In the quote,” Russel Simon, one of the most successful hip hop producers and promoters in history, has called for an industry wide ban on certain lyrics.” By J-Ro. Judging from this quote, we can see that activist like Russel S. and others are working in passing a law that would restrict rappers from using inappropriate lyrics, and ban words that offend women and African American people. One of the most use words by rappers is the “N” word which tends to offend especially middle or elder African Americans. Also, censorship would help stop the use of cusswords that rappers depend on a lot to make their music. Enforcing restriction to Hi Hop, it would force rappers to come up with better music that would last longer than comparing to today’s music a month or two. It would be obvious due to this restriction the number of crimes that happen in a daily basis will drop to a big percent. Everyone will be able to listen quality Hip Hop music with positive messages that would encourage young and adults to think better about life. We as citizens have the right to support the ban on dirty lyrics that is causing our society to be a violent environment for us to live

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