Why the Usa Didn't Join the League of Nations

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The New York Times The New York Times Many of you may be wondering why the USA hasn’t joined the League of Nations. The answer is because the Congress out voted the president, Woodrow Wilson. There are quite a few reasons as to why the Congress voted against the president’s wish. One of the reasons is because the US has lost enough soldiers sorting out European problems. The Congress doesn’t want USA to get involved in European disputes. And if USA did decide to join the League, it would mean that US soldiers will be sent out to sort out other disputes and that would mean more soldiers dying. We’ve had enough death, we want peace now. ‘Why support the British and French imperialists’ one of the Congress member said, ‘when we are opposed to the whole idea of colonies and empires?’. If the USA joined the League, it would mean agreeing with the colonies and empires idea and it would also mean that the League would be in control of Britain and France. The Legislative doesn’t want us being under control of France and Britain because we are more powerful than both those countries and we have pride in our country. Being the under the League’s control could cost us anything. The League could force us to give money or soldiers to help sort out other countries’ disputes. USA is powerful because of our isolationism from other foreign countries and if we joined the League, it would mean that we would be under control of Britain and France and we would be like dummies; doing whatever the puppet master told us to do. That would be like signing a blank cheque to Britain and France and that would mean we would have to do anything they told us to do. Many of the Americans are recent immigrants and are opposed to the Treaty of Versailles. The Legislative doesn’t want to do anything that the US population is against. Also, the Congress believes that the Treaty is unfair and
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