Difference Between American And French Revolution

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THE AMERICAN AND FRENCH REVOLUTION The revolution between the French and Americans were being forced by liberty and equality. Both wanting to obtain freedom by the high ranking monarchs. Differences were mainly visible between these two revolutions, such as the Americans wanting to get some sort of freedom from the taxes and laws that were forced buy Great Britain. Great Britain was a strong and powerful “group”. Whereas the French wanted a revolution to be freed from the monarchs that were implementing things in France. Due to the common reasons why the French and Americans were persisting into having a revolution made it seem like these revolutions were very similar. Unfortunately, there is some indifference towards both of the revolutions.…show more content…
After the British conquering the Seven Years war, America was seized by Great Britain. Being forced to pay taxes and pay off the expenses was just a normal was of life from now on for the Americans. A major action that took place in Britain was the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was mainly that all documents had to be tattooed with a marking indicating that the tax on the document was paid off. Americans were fuming when the British allowed the East Indian Tea Company to send the merchandise directly to the colonies. A very important character named Thomas Jefferson was introduced the history of America. He was a man who wrote the Declaration of Independence, signed by all the governors of the colonies. The exact date when America got freedom from the British was on July 4th, 1776. America’s Revolution and France’s Revolution both had many differences, and similarities. The differences of these two, was that America got complete freedom from the “Brits”. Whereas the French didn’t become completely free, the King still ruled. The two wars helped the monarchs achieve somewhat of freedom. But a common factor that portrayed through these revolutions was the perseverance for freedom, liberty, and equality. Both focusing towards getting freed by controlling

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