Major Problems In The Era Of The American Revolution

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Response Paper # 3 The American Revolution can be described as a conservative revolution in that British America felt that Great Britain’s new taxes on the colonies were upsetting their rights as Britain’s and disrupting what had been a peaceful existence without any previous interference from Great Britain. even though there were small groups that wanted their freedom and rights that would be new to them; like slaves, women, Indians, and separatists; the American revolution was still a conservative revolution in which British America felt they were beginning to be treated as second class citizens as their rights were being taken away. For of their time in the colonies, Americans were left without much interference from the crown. During…show more content…
Americans felt that since they had no representation in Parliament, and that there were decisions being made for them without proper representation, that they were slaves to the forceful word of the British crown. Even some countrymen in Great Britain felt that the Americans were being treated unfairly. Lord Camden believed that Americans were not being given their natural born rights as men. “My position is this – I repeat it – I will maintain it to my last hour, - taxation and representation are inseparable: - this position is founded on the laws of nature,” (pg.95, Major Problems in the Era of the American Revolution, Brown). It seems there was a miscommunication, because Britain was treating the Americans different from other British and also wanted to keep major control in anyway, like restricting trade from any other country (like France and Spain). The whole time Britain was treating America like this, America believed their relationship to have stayed the same since settlers first came to the new world. It was appearing to be like an ugly teenage breakup where both the boy and girl have different titles of where they think the relationship is at the
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