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Somi Lee September 9, 2012 US History Ely 6th Period The Loyalists were American colonists who remained loyal to the Great Britain. They were often referred to as Tories, Royalists, or King’s Men by the Patriots. 20% of the white population was estimated to have been Loyalists. Many of the loyalists were merchants, wealthy, or active in the Church of England. Most of the Pennsylvania Dutch was also loyalists, afraid that their royal land grants would be in danger with a republican form of government. Patriots, on the other hand, came from many different backgrounds. Most were highly educated and wealthy, supported by ordinary people such as farmers, mechanics, homemakers, or shopkeepers, who did not like their economic situation due to British Taxations. The Loyalists believed that a strong unified British Empire would be good for all, and that the American colonies would be weak without Britain. They thought that colonists were British subjects who should obey British law and the taxes were due to the French and Indian War which was fought to protect the colonies. They also felt colonies profited from trade with England, and that the colonies were too far away from England to have representation in Parliament. Patriots believed that they deserved rights that were not to be taken away by the government, and taxation violated those rights. They claimed to have done their part during the French and Indian war fighting, and that they could not be taxed without representation in Parliament. Patriots also believed the British were causing violence, riots, and death (Boston Massacre & Boston Tea Party). Loyalists believed that separating from England would bring disaster, because they provide market for goods and protect trade on land and sea. Patriots felt it would be much better off without England controlling their trade, becoming free to trade with anyone and

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