Common Sense by Thomas Paine

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The Common Sense Behind Common Sense Thomas Paine was a British man who fought and expressed his feelings on the rights of colonists even though he himself rarely visited the colonies. Some of the major points of Thomas Paine’s argument in Common Sense were that he thought that the colonies should be independent against British rule. If there are thousands of miles worth of sea between two nations, than wouldn’t it be near impossible to govern the colonies from so far away? It seems absurd to think that the colonies had to wait days in order to find out new from their “mother” country. Britain also only used America for its own profit and gain. It seems unlawful for the “mother” to take advantage and use its “child” strictly for profit and to bring them into harmful alliances with other nations. Since the colonies were expected to follow the British rule, they also had to have the same allies. This was not useful to the colonies because we were forced to become enemies with countries such as France for reasons only dealing with fights with Britain. The colonies received the bad end of the deal and were only being used for profit. Paine also suggested there be a distinction between society and government, making an even balance between the two so one does not overpower the other. Paine was against the ideal of a monarchy. He believed that all men are equal at creation and therefore the power difference between kings and their subjects should not exist. He believes the powers of the king should be sufficiently limited to prevent tyranny. Thomas Paine proposed the ideals of a Congress among the colonies where the colonies are divided into districts. I completely agree with the philosophy and ideals of Thomas Paine. It makes absolutely no sense for the colonies to be ruled by a country several thousand miles away. This length alone will and had created several struggles
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