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It was once stated, “The American Revolution should really be called the ‘British Revolution’ because marked changes in British colonial policy were more responsible for the final political decision than American actions.” This theory could be reasoned correct because the British legislations did create the colonial uproar, not the colonies themselves. Some key legislations are the Stamp Act, Navigation Laws, and Townshend Acts. It could also be said that it should be called the American Revolution. This is because it was colonial actions that caused the war. Some of those reactions were the Boston Tea Party and the Nonimportation Acts. Both opinions can be validated, but to call the war The American Revolution seems more correct. To…show more content…
This is because with the Stamp Act, which put a tax on receipts from a variety of commodities, went against the colonial policy of “no taxation without representation.” The Navigation Laws, they limited colonial trade to only British territories. This only would help Britain because they would have a market to sell their goods. This could have potentially crashed the colonial economy because they did a lot of trading with France and Spain along with other countries. Their market survived only because many colonists overlooked the law and smuggled the goods back and forth. The Townshend Acts were similar to the Stamp Act but they taxed different items, and they were put in place after the tax was repealed. Another important difference that the colonists overlooked was that these taxes were a customs duty that could be paid at American ports. All of these parliamentary laws caused uproars in the colonies. They believed that they were not fair because of the no representation of colonists at parliament meetings. The British, to colonial dismay, told them that they were represented because they had Virtual Representation because all parliament members represent all British citizens. When thinking about the legislative acts themselves, they are the British creating them. They did not want the revolution to become of them. They believed that the taxations were fair and

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