Essay On The Causes Of Revolutionary War

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Autumn May Beaudoin 10-10-11 The Beginnings of a Revolutionary War No one reason can cause a war. Especially a revolutionary war. There were many reasons for the U.S revolutionary war, but three were particularly important. The enforcement of the Navigation Laws for mercantilism upset the colonists and so did the stamp act (which was eventually repealed). This gave colonists a sense of separation from Britain that exploded into war with a series of events starting at the Boston tea party and leading up to the battle in Concord. Each time Britain tried to gain hold of their colonies in America, the results backfired. Mercantilism was a way to keep American colonies in check but more so a means of monetary income. To Britain, their colonies were simply income of raw materials for production which equals money. To gain this money they had to export more goods than import. This was enforced by laws that said the American colonies could send raw goods only to England which, to the Americans, translated as giving Britain all of their ships, sailors and trade. The Navigation Laws were the laws that enforced Mercantilism. One of these laws stated American goods must be exported on British ships. Another made it so that any ship of goods coming from another country going to America, had to stop at England where the money was collected. These laws…show more content…
The goal of the war in the beginning, according to patriots, was to be listened to by Britain and in order to do that, they fought. The war was caused by many things but the three most substantial were the Navigation Laws, the Stamp and Sugar Acts and how Britain reacted to what the colonists did when they tried to enforce laws unliked in America. As Theodore Roosevelt later said, “Revolution broke out because England failed to recognize an emerging nation when it saw
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