Essay On The American Revolution

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The American Revolution United States to 1876 Essay The American Revolution The American Revolution was a very evolutionary event. It was composed of 13 colonies that was bounded together with the mother country. The American revolutions was translated from a subservient status to freedom in which was not like no other revolution in history. There was so many things that Great Britain brought upon the colonies that cause the colonies to become full with angry towards them. This goes on to explain why the changes in British policy toward the colonies lead to the outbreak of the American Revolution. After the Seven Years’ War ended Great Britain and the colonies separated. This allowed the colonies to seek their independence but left a huge debt for Great Britain. Great Britain forced the colonies to pay the cost…show more content…
This act affected nearly all residents of the colonial ports. The colonies suffered a constant shortage of currency due to the creation of the Currency Act. This act banned colonials paper currency in which it caused a much bigger issued for the colonies because they was not allowed to used their own paper money to repay debts. An act that affected colonists that was rich, poor, merchants, farmers, and artisans was the Stamp Act. The reason that the Stamp Act affected this group of colonist because it placed a tax on printed material. Many political colonial leader was against this act which caused a rivalry between the colonist and Great Britain over the meaning of freedom. Colonists did not have representation in Great Britain Parliament. They had their own colonial legislature that levied taxes, colonists argued that the Parliament had no rights to imposed and raised revenues through regulation of trade. American throughout the colonies cried out against “no taxation without representation,” as a violation of their English liberties. Some colonist went to New York to petition the Parliament and King George III to repeal the tax.
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