The American Revolution: The Call For Revolution

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The Call for Revolution The world changes slowly. Regardless of the attitudes or policies of the day actual change in the political landscape of the world moves extremely slow. However there are occasions when events have lasting global implications. One such event was the American Revolution. And while there is a litany of reasons that caused the English colonists in America to start the revolution, there are some that had they been handled differently there may not have been a revolution at all. The three main reasons for the American Revolution were the English economic policy of mercantilism, the French and Indian Wars (Seven Years War), and the feeling of having no control over policies affecting the colonies i.e. “no taxation, without representation”. Firstly, during the late 1600’s the English economic policy of mercantilism (the belief that there was only so much wealth in the world, and that government must defend, and acquire wealth in a militaristic strategy, albeit using tools other than the actual military). This policy led England to view the American Colonies as nothing more than a source of raw materials, and a market for manufactured English goods. England sought to control trade and redirect colonial wealth with a series of Navigation Acts. These Acts made it so Colonists could only use English ships for trade, limited what could be manufactured in the colonies, limited goods that could be shipped from the…show more content…
The new United States of America signaled a turning point in governments throughout the world, changing from divine rule and autocratic societies with ruling classes to a government by the people. From its independence to modern times the United States of America has directly or indirectly affected every corner of the
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