Alterations Between Britain And America

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Chris Trujillo Mr. Robinson AP US History 10-3-2011 DBQ Essay: Alterations between Britain and America In the aftermath of the French and Indian War many relationships between Britain and the American colonies were changed drastically, especially in the areas of politics, economics, and ideology. The political side of Britain became more oppressive of the colonies, the economics in the colonies became much worse due to severe taxation, and Colonists developed and freer more united ideological ways. All of these issues between politics and economics caused the colonies to develop the “rebellious” and independent ideology they did. Because of the debt that Britain found itself in after the war, the British felt it appropriate that the colonists should help to repay the debt, due to Britain believing that they fought the war for the colonists with no assistance. The colonies however, felt that they fought the war side by side with the British, causing the two groups to have different political ideas. British politics felt that it would be just to impose taxes on the Americans in order to pay off their war debt that had accumulated. Taxes were imposed on nearly everything in the colonies in order for Britain to payoff debt; these taxes simply outraged the colonists which is the start of the conflict between America and Britain. Taxes such as the Stamp Act, which placed a tax on any printed document that was purchased, and the Tea Act, which placed an insane tax on tea in the colonies, and basically cutoff colonists from finding a cheaper price for tea, pushed the colonists overboard, leading them to rebellions. One of these rebellions was the Boston Tea Party, where colonists dressed up as Indians and threw the entire stock of British tea into the Boston Harbor, which was one of America’s first major acts of independence towards Britain. Which was America’s
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