Radical or Conservative: American Revolution

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The American Revolution began in 1775 and ended in 1781. The war was between England and the American colonies. The colonies started rioting against England because of the unfair taxes that England was enforcing on the colonies. The colonies were trying to preserve their natural rights that England was taking away from them. The colonies had a radical reaction towards England after England taxed, used military action against the colonies, and the American colonies wanted their own government. After the French and Indian War, England ended up in major debt. England decided to tax the colonies to help pay for the debt that they accumulated. England believed in mercantilism, which is the idea that the colonies exist to benefit the mother country. With this idea it justified the taxes that England started to enforce on the colonies. These taxes were known as the Sugar Act, Townshend Act, Stamp Act, Tea Act, Declarative Act, and the Intolerable Act on the colonies. Economically this hurt the colonists in almost every way possible. The colonists decided to radically react to these new taxes. The colonist reacted against the Stamp Act by rioting and destroying stamped paper. In 1773 the British Parliament passed the Tea Act. In response the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians and boarded British ships in the harbor, then dumped 90,000 pounds of tea into ocean. These are some of the ways the colonists radically reacted to the British taxing the colonies. When the colonies started to revolt against England, England decided the take military action against the colonies. They sent some of their military over to the colonies to “control” the uprising. This managed to anger the colonies because it affected them socially. During this military action the Parliament passed the Quartering Act which gave British soldiers the right to stay at any colonists’ house without their
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