American vs French Revolution

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American Revolution vs. French Revolution The American and French revolution were completely different but the reason or origin was the same; both revolutions initiated due to the urge of obtaining independence and liberty from an oppressive government. The American Revolution originated by the American colonists need for independence from the nation of Great Britain, while French revolution was triggered by the struggled of gaining social equality among their people. Even though the American and French Revolutions fought over the same ideas, I considered the French Revolution to have more impact on people than the American Revolution. The idea of the American Revolution was more towards gaining their freedom from abuse and overpowering of Britain. The French however were trying to cause a true revolution, a reason to overthrown their king and remove all the inequalities there was. The American Revolution, beginning in 1776, had started with tensions between Britain and its colonist due to the debt that the Britain’s accrued from the war with the French and Indians. Up to this point the colonist had elected their own assemblies and had grown accustomed to running their own affairs. The British began passing legislation, which increased the taxation of American colonies, tightening their control over the colonists. One of the regulations that Parliament passed was the Stamp Act of 1765. This taxed all printed documents, including: wills, newspapers, and pamphlets. The colonists felt they were not fairly represented because they held no seat in Britain's parliament. The rallying cry for the colonists became "no taxation without representation." After years of boycotting and peaceful protest the American colonists could no longer stand the abuse from Great Britain and decided that they had had enough. The obvious winners of the revolution were the colonists, who
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