What Caused The American Revolution Essay

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Causes of the American Revolution During the time of the settlement of the Thirteen Colonies in around early 17th century, the new rising country was able to prosper with all the new resources they gathered. However, the country itself was not entirely free, as the country still worked under the Crown of Great Britain. Great Britain still treated the folkman as if what they were back at England. However, the “Americans” wanted more freedom, or to be treated in a better way. This need for liberty sparked the desire to repel the British influence away from the colonies and start of with a clean slate, running the whole country by its own country, thus leading to the American Revolution in 1775. The French Indian War along with the Boston Tea Party were two major events that sparked the initiative of the revolution, but also the independent American mindset and the continuous establishment of acts caused…show more content…
They concerned about the geographical distance between the two regions created an independent feeling itself , for those who are colonizing in the new world, generally want to have more freedom, adventure, and opportunity. The era of Enlightenment also spreaded from the Old World to the New World, as concepts of limited government, separation of powers, consent of the governed, and the social contract were gleaned upon the founding fathers of the Americas. The thought of colonial legislatures also were looked upon by the colonists, having the colonists not follow the rules and laws established by Great Britain, who later on curtailed upon it. This led to some negative concern from the Americans to the British. The enlightenment thought of lax enforcement of external trade relations became part of the mindset to. The development of this mindset generated the American belief into thinking that the British ways were not to their suit, and that they should act upon

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