Manifest Destiny Essay

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From the 1820 to 1860, Manifest Destiny played a major role in American Politics. The majority of the country felt that is was America’s duty to stretch America from coast to coast to expose as many people as possible to the wonders of America. Between 1820 to 1860, the annexations of Oregon and Texas/California played major roles in American politics because having almost all of North America encompassed by the United States would limit the competition of foreign nations especially Britain, Mexico, and the Indians, provide the United States with more resources, serve as aid in protection from foreign countries, and serve as an easier route to India. James Monroe predicted in his Doctrine (1823) that America needed to expand to protect itself from foreign powers. Being President, Monroe had a significant amount of power over the country and its government. Monroe’s Doctrine opened the floodgates for Manifest Destiny after the nation knew the government was behind it. Document A provides evidence that Monroe was correct with his prediction that America would follow the government’s lead and head west to protect the country through Manifest Destiny. The strongest argument against Manifest Destiny was the fact that would bring slavery to the new territories America gained. Not only was this false, Americans and politicians who were anti-slavery overlooked this because spreading what they considered America’s good qualities was more important to them and they wanted to follow Monroe’s Doctrine. Expanding west into the Oregon Territory was thought to be a necessity for America by many politicians of the time. Document B shows how the American Government thought it necessary secure its share of the Oregon Territory from Britain making the boundary line between Britain and America in the Oregon Territory at the 49th parallel. The Oregon Treaty of 1846 proves that not
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