Revolutionary Character Of The American Revolution

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Revolutionary character of the American Revolution The article “Revolutionary character of the American Revolution” by William H. Nelson, shows the character that was behind that revolution and established that revolution from scratch. Nelson is a professor at university of Toronto, he is also the author of the American troy. Nelson main focus was on how and why the revolution started and what consequences it had afterwards. As a result of that he chose the title “ The Revolutionary character of the American revolution” to reflect the light upon who had the first push or step toward the American revolution and what changes the revolution had on America and the Americans. The American Revolution began following the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770. This event and the propaganda accompanying the massacre would change the minds of the colonists forever. The Revolution would continue to 1789 upon the ratification of the Constitution. The Revolution was a revolution because of the cause the colonists were fighting and their pursuit of freedoms, both economic and political, they believed were entitled to them by God. The American Revolution created cultural and social evections which changed America for the better, making it a free country. As it altered social expectations, it led to demands that the vote be extended to a larger portion of the population and that public offices be elected by the people rather. During and after the revolution, smaller forms and artisan and laborers began increasingly to participate in state legislative elections. In Jacksons Turner Mains “Government by the People which appeared in Volume 23 of William and Mary Quarterly has clearly shown statistically that the government officials increased. The Revolution also created a government in which you no longer necessarily had to be born into a prodigious and wealthy family to make a
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