Compare And Contrast The Origins Of The American And French Revolution

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Origins of the American and French Revolutions- Ap World History The American and French Revolutions reformed their countries extremely in both social and economic aspects. Both revolutions affected both countries in good and bad ways. Overall the Americans and French achieved what they wanted. As British power dominated American colonies, the British government needed a new way to gain money. The British were able to collect money from American colonists by imposing many new taxes and fees. In 1765 the British started taxing on all legal documents, newspapers, pamphlets, and all other printed material. This tax was known as The Stamp Act of 1765. The Stamp Act was the start to American boycotting. Many people started boycotting this tax, and they had the Sons of Liberty to support them. The Sons of Liberty were a group that encouraged boycotts, held public meetings, and intimidated royal officials. In 1770, British troops opened fire on a boycotting crowd killing five civilians. This was known as the Boston Massacre and was…show more content…
This introduced a new government called the National Convention, which was led by Robespierre. Robespierre brought up a period of time during 1793 called the Reign of Terror. Many people were killed and imprisoned, and the clergy had a new set of rules with one including that the priests have to marry. In 1794, the National Convention voted for the execution of Robespierre. After the death of Robespierre, a new government was introduced called The Directory. Napoleon seized power during this new governments reign and proved to be a great emperor for France. Napoleon stabilized France, made them an extremely strong country, and negotiated the concordat of 1801 with the Catholic Church. Napoleon was undefeated in all his wars until he failed to occupy the Iberian Peninsula, and his attack on Russia in 1812 which summited. The revolutions of France and America were both

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