Compare And Contrast The French Revolution And The American Revolution

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“American/ French Revolutions” The legendary American Revolution altered the world’s political setting significantly. It began in the 18th century and led to the freedom of the American people from British law in the late eighteenth century. The prosperity and fertility of the American land appealed to the British rulers. They wanted to exploit the riches and the thriving resources existing in the bountiful land. A seven-year conflict between the French and Indian soldiers gave Britain the victory. However, the war left the colonial leaders financially broke. In order to compensate for the financial losses, they imposed massive amounts of taxes on the settlers. The levies paid were sent directly to the British treasury and were used by the British military in North America. Besides this, the British also passed various laws that limited the movement and freedom of the settlers in an exceptionally discriminating manner. The renowned Boston Tea Party in 1773 was one of a few revolt actions started by the American people where they unabashedly violated the tax regulations collected on goods imported by the British East India Company.…show more content…
Those who planned it were the affluent people among the colonists. They wanted a democracy and believed in working hard to make money without the oversight of a greedy government stealing from their hard earned toil. Conversely, the French revolution emphasized human rights. During the French Revolution, the bourgeoisie had almost the same circumstances as the middle-class colonists in America. They worked very hard to amass wealth. The harder they worked and the more they amassed, the more taxes would be raised. The bourgeoisie recognized that they had no rights, they outnumbered the nobility, they had more resources and they had the knowledge of how to conduct a successful revolution after helping the Americans get their freedom from

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