Causes and Outcomes of the Revolution

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University of Phoenix Material Causes and Outcomes of the Revolution Part 1: Causes Complete the grid by describing each pre-war event and explaining how it contributed to the Revolutionary War. |Pre-War Event |Description |Contribution to the Revolutionary War | | |The French and Indian War involved Austria, England, France, Great Britain, |The cost of the war had greatly enlarged Britain's debt. The war also generated | |French and Indian War|Prussia, and Sweden. Also called the Seven Years War. Was considered the |substantial resentment towards the colonists among English leaders, who were not | | |beginning of open hostilities between Great Britain and the colonies. |satisfied with the financial and military help they had received from them. This set in | | | |motion more plans to give over more control of the colonies to the government which would| | | |lead to the American Revolution. | | |Passed in 1764, the British placed a tax on sugar, wine and other important |Commonly regarded as a prelude to the American revolution, the Sugar Act and the Stamp | |Sugar Act |things. This meant that trading with Britain would mean they would not be able |Act were designed to increase British tax revenues. | | |to sell their goods for very much. This resulted in boycotting of British goods.|
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