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DBQ “Killing under the cloak of war is no different than murder”, Einstein quoted this after the sight of the Nazi death camps in Europe during World War Two, much like the English who tortured the Colonists. I think the colonists had every right to declare independents from Great Britain because of the destabilization of the colonies, the intolerable acts, and last but not least the French and Indian War. The British destabilized the colonies to the point of certain collapse. The violence in the colonies caused by the Boston Massacre which started when a resting group of English soldiers provoked by taunting words, opened fire on a group of farm boys and adults killing nine and wounding six. The battle at Lexington and Concord was similar to the Boston Massacre. A brigade of English soldiers opened fire on group of armed minutemen. At that moment an intense battle broke out and the revolutionary war began at that spot. The English expressed their iron grip on the colonies in several violent ways such as the attempted hostile takeover of the Middle and Southern Colonies. A more famous act of violence against the British was the Boston Tea Party in which several disguised Sons of Liberty members went aboard several British trade boats and tossed over 45 tons of tea into the Boston Harbor at an estimated value of 1.87 million dollars worth in damages. It is said that over 8,000 colonists “tipped tea”. The Intolerable Acts played a key role into setting off the powder keg of the revolution and seceding from Britain mainly over taxation. John Dickinson a colonist politician, once said that “Parliament does have the right to regulate trade for the colonies but the Stamp Act and the Townsend Acts are not explainable”. The Stamp Act and the Townsend acts took the English taxing in the colonies to a level of self centered levels towards the colonies to collect their

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