Analyze The Effects Of American Colonization

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Throughout its colonization America had develop into its own society. It realized that it can handle and manage it’s own economy. What their economy was capable of gave Americans confidence to break free from British rule but it wasn’t the tipping factor. The British angered American colonists with their actions and behavior towards them. The British treated Americans indifferently when they were actually the same country. Although the economy and diplomatic relations were significantly changed, the most important factor contributing was the political system. The colonies were not allowed to let their own economy flourish. The British set laws such as the Navigation Acts and rejected Mercantilism to restrict the American economy and help the…show more content…
The effects of the French and Indian War played a chief role in the fading relationship between England and its colonies that ultimately led into the Revolutionary War. Americans did not trust the British because they guaranteed the colonies were allowed to move west when The French and Indian War was won but the British withdrew on their promise (King’s Proclamation). American colonist felt that they were lied to since they specifically fought in the French and Indian war to gain more land to the west. Not because they had a problem with the French, like the British. To the colonies an expansion to the west meant more opportunity. Colonists still moved to the west and demonstrated that they did not care what the British had to say anymore. There’s a possibility that the diplomatic tensions accelerated the Revolutionary War. In time the colonies would have realized that they were economically self-sufficient and that they did not need the British (Hamilton’s Report on Manufactures). The American Revolution was going to happen either way, with or without the diplomatic
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