Consequences Of The Declaration Of Independence Ann Yeh

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The Declaration of Independence-Ann Yeh The American Revolution was one of the most important events of the 18th century which lead to the creation of a new nation. A key event in the revolution was the 1776 Declaration of Independence. In this essay I will examine the reasons that this Declaration was made and the causes and consequences of this American Independence. An important long term cause of the Declaration of Independence was the cost of the French-Indian War. Although British had the victorious win, fighting this war was very expensive. The British wished to cover the cost of the war. The British believed that as they had made America secure and safe, the Americans should bear some of the costs of achieving this security. As a result of this, they enforced Navigation Act and the costs associated with the two new taxes led to protests. A newly-formed Stamp Act Congress formed by delegates from nine colonies objected the British ideas based on the principle of “no taxation without representation.” This was the…show more content…
The change from colony to state was made by adopting a written constitution. They did it in their own ways by choosing the most democratic path by insisting that the constitution be adopted by popular vote. They had two constitutions which shared certain characteristics. The power of Governor was strictly limited. The right to vote was generally widened to include most adult white males. Nevertheless, the unity between the states during the war had planted a fertile germ in peoples mind that the Declaration of Independence had been issued in the name of “one people” not thirteen states. Furthermore the word “America” was increasingly used at home and aboard. Hence, after June 1977 there was a flag with thirteen stars and stripes, symbolising the unity of the states as one
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