Advantages And Disadvantages The British Faced In The American Revolutionary War

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Class 5 Essay The road to the American Revolutionary War was one that was filled with events that caused a separation between the British and the American colonists. Rebellion in the colonies and the British decision to tax the colonist directly without representation in the Parliament made the idea of war inevitable. Britian’s recent victories against the French and Indians in the Seven Year’s War gave them a sense of undefeatable power and instead of negotiating with the colonist they prepared for war. There were many factors that the British did not consider in preparing for war against America which would eventually result in their defeat. This essay will outline the advantages as well as the disadvantages that the British faced in this war with America. The British was victorious in their recent battle in the Seven Year’s War and they felt that they had proven themselves more prepared and capable of being one of the most powerful militias in Europe. Not only was the naval command very strong but the government was strong financially. But the naval command and financial support would prove to be inefficient in this battle. The British relied heavily on its navy which had a number of problems since the recent war. The morale of many of its officers had decreased and the many of its vessels were not well maintained due to decline in available finances. The lack of ships that were in good condition created a challenge for England in trying to get supplies to their troops in America some 3,000 miles away. Another disadvantage of the British during this war was their underestimating of the American colonist. The Americans did not have a naval fleet anywhere near the size of England but what they did have was support. The Americans looked at this war as a people’s war and the more people they had the easier it would be for them to defeat the British.
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