The Role Of Saratoga In The Vietnam War

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The British plan an attack to control the Hudson river. Only one of the three British that were supposed to come showed up. The patriot troops found out about the attack and waited at the Hudson. They would outnumber the British badly and the battle of Saratoga would begin. And it was one small battle that may have turned around the whole war. One way that it tuned the war in favor of the patriots was the very thought of a huge victory to raise the hopes of the patriots and to increase their performance on battles. That was the whole point of the battle in George Washington's eyes anyway. After so many lost battles he knew that to raise the spirits of the troops enough to win the war, they would need one huge victory. And Saratoga was just that.…show more content…
France had a burning desire for revenge on the British after their loss at the French Indian war back in 1754. and America wanted France to help them in the war. But France didn't want to step in because they were afraid that their participation would result in another expensive war with the British. So France said “ we will help only if you show us that you have a real chance of winning this war.” the victory at Saratoga convinced France to step in and donate a ton of supplies and men. This helped to even the playing field against the

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