Why Did World War 1 Break Out in 1914?

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Why did World War 1 break out in 1914? In this essay I will discuss the causes for the First World War. I will explain; how one incident started the brawls, the relationships between different countries and how the countries tried to take over other countries. All of these explanations will then lead to the main cause of World War I. The war was caused by grudges countries had held against each other from previous wars. Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy were the Triple Alliance. Britain, France and Russia were the Triple Entente (friendly agreement). These agreements meant that if ever war broke out you would help the country you are in agreements with. Germany was 30-40 years old and wanted to have a bigger empire and navy than Britain, which had the biggest empire and biggest navy out of all of the countries. When Britain found out about Germanys plans they begun to worry. Germany was lead by Kaiser Wilhelm II. He decided to test the Entente Cordiale in 1905 when Kaiser had caused trouble with France when he attempted to turn the Moroccan people over throw their ruler Sultan. Germany was trying to gain the Moroccan land which France had already taken over as a colony. When Germany did this France was furious. In a conference Britain and France, Germany had to back down from taking over Morocco. Wilhelm wanted land to create an empire for Germany, their ally Austria-Hungary helped gain land from Turkey. This meant more power for their empire. This is why Britain backed France as they didn’t want Germany to gain land as they could potentially get more land and a bigger empire than Britain. In the long term this caused problems between Britain and Germany because they was both power hungry and the thought of another country having a bigger empire or navy made them angry. Wilhelm tested the Entente Cordiale again in 1911 when he demanded compensation
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