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The Cause of Ww1 Essay

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  • on July 5, 2012
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1. a. After examining one of the maps of Europe, explain whether Germany or Great Britain had the greater need for a strong navy.
b. Explain why you chose this country.
  Because Germany was surrounded by the Triple Entente (the Great Britain, France, Russia). So Germany was land-locked. Germany needed a strong navy so that it would have a place in Europe, and to confront other countries.
c. Based on the state of the arms race in 1914, if you were a German citizen, how would you feel? Explain why.
I would feel nervous but I would feel more confident. Once again Germany is not on good terms with the countries surrounding them. It would cause tension seeing soldiers with guns walking along boarders every day. But Germany catapulted from being the fifth largest naval force to the second largest. So I would have been proud. And I would gain confidence.
  d. Based on the state of the arms race in 1914, if you were a British citizen, how would you feel? Explain why.
  I would feel safe. The Great Britain is an island nation. It also has the strongest naval force. So to me other nations invading the Great Britain are impossible.
2. How did the naval arms race encourage the development of the alliance system the way it did? Be sure to refer to Great Britain, France, Germany, and Russia, as well as each of the alliance groups specifically.
  In the naval arms race, Germany wanted to have a naval army as strong as the Great Britain since the strong naval army brought the Great Britain the control right of the oceans. France and Russia—two of the countries right beside Germany didn’t want Germany to be a threat to them. So this caused France, Russia, and Great Britain to form into an alliance group (the Triple Alliance).
3. a. How was Canada connected to the European system of Empires?
    Canada used to be the colony of the Great Britain and France. But then the Great Britain took over. Canada was a Dominion of Great Britain.
b. How did Canada’s...

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