Revolutionary War Advantages and Disadvantages

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There was no way the Revolutionary War could have been avoided. The British were only looking out for their own good and taxing the colonist like crazy it was inevitable. Small tiffs about the taxing led to the Concord and Lexington battles then vwala war erupted. The British should have been able to control the rebellions what with their enormous population, huge imperial army and probably the world’s best navy at that time. They were also the seven seas most powerful and wealthy country, so shouldn’t they have been the obvious victor for this campaign? Consequently they had a lot of disadvantages to; the most apparent one was the distance. They were three thousand miles away from reinforcements, supplies and they were completely unfamiliar with the terrain. They were also engaged in other, more pressing wars at the time and couldn’t afford to send their best troops to the colonies. The size of the colonies was also a huge problem; they had enough men to defeat the colonists on the battlefield but not enough to occupy the places they conquered because if a land was controlled by the British they had to leave a significant amount of troops behind or else the colonists would regain control. The colonists didn’t look like they had a chance to win in the beginning of the war. Almost all of their troops were farmers so they were never out of food but they didn’t have any training like the British. They also didn’t have as many weapons as the British and were overwhelmed by them in battle. Apparently they had more e going for them then they thought. Their friendship with the French was very valuable because they also wanted to conquer Britain .The colonists also used a new tactic of fighting using the Native American style of quick attacks and speedy retreats. George Washing ton was also a huge factor in the colonists victory, he lifted the ban on black enlistment in
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