Pros And Cons Of American Independence

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America Wins Their Independence England may have had an alarming amount of tangible and intimidating advantages, but in the end it was America’s intangible advantages that carried the colonists to their victory of the American Revolution. Looking at England’s advantages on paper; a superior Navy and a mass amount of experienced and well trained solders, it seems impossible for them to lose. However, America held the advantages of foreign allies and officers, the fact that they were fighting for their homeland and their undying persistence. It was, consequently, these advantages that won them the war. During wars, armies use the opposing sides’ disadvantages to work in their favor. The War for Independence was no different. England held the advantage of having the most dominant Navy in the world. Their naval power was incredibly overwhelming, especially to the colonists whose navy was nonexistent. Not only were the English more capable of winning a sea battle due to their superior Navy, they had the upper hand on land also. The English had many soldiers who were well trained, well disciplined, and experienced. Unlike the colonists’, this was not England’s first war.…show more content…
Many countries and people probably did as well. On paper it appears that England would win without a doubt; they had all the means necessary for a victorious win over the colonists. When people come together to fight over a common cause, it is amazing what can happen. This is proven true by the outcome of the War for Independence. America won not because they had better soldiers, more supplies and weapons, or better fighting styles. America won because they had moral victories and causes that cannot be counted the same way the English troops can be counted. More often than not throughout the war, it is demonstrated that the intangible features are often the ones that count more in the
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