Reasons For American Victory In The Revolutionary War

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The American Revolutionary War The American victory in the Revolutionary War was a striking demonstration of the solidarity and resolve of American colonists in pursuit of independence from Britain. Despite immense advantages favoring the British army, American colonists were able to defeat their oppressor, the British Crown. Aside from the sheer determination of the American patriots, a variety of factors contributed to the awe-inspiring triumph over the British. Some of the more significant factors included a plethora of geographic obstacles encountered by the British army, support from other countries, and the historic leadership exhibited by General George Washington. At the onset of the Revolutionary War, the British army was arguably the best trained, best equipped, and most professional army in the world and its Royal Navy was unparalleled. The British Empire maintained a stable and relatively sound infrastructure far superior to precarious political and economic condition…show more content…
The British made many poor decisions aided in the success of the American army. It could be said that America did not so much win the war, but instead, allowed Britain to lose. Popular support for the Revolution and simple American patriotism were possibly the most influential factors in the American victory and British defeat. Support cut across region, religion, and social rank. Common farmers, artisans, shopkeepers, and petty merchants were major actors during the Revolution. Ex-servants, uneducated farmers, immigrants, and slaves emerged into prominence in the Continental Army. The participation of thousands of ordinary farmers, artisans, and laborers helped free Americans from the oppressive powers exerted from the British Crown and establish the foundation for the United States we know
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