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Thesis Paragraph. Contrary to popular belief, sectionalism was not of greater significance during the Era of Good Feelings. In fact, nationalism was more so superior during this time period. Even prior to the Era of Good Feelings nationalism had already been greatly felt after the War of 1812 when the United States reigned victorious. Nationalism was more significant because of foreign affairs, internal improvements, and a single political party. Widespread nationalism would inevitably be the cause of many great things to come during this era. Foreign Affairs. Explain the major details of the War of 1812; mention the United States’ ultimate victory against the British which led to intense nationalism. Also mention that even post-war, an entire four years later, Americans were still rejoicing at the fact that their country was very much unified (A). Include mentioning the Battle of New Orleans in which Andrew Jackson led his troops to victory, defeating the British, and providing not only a sense of nationalism but self-confidence as well. Internal Improvements. Utilize this as strongest argument. Explain what the Tariff of 1816 was and its relevance in terms of nationalism. Cite that Henry Clay wished to adopt an American System and believed that adequate protection against the overwhelming influence of foreigners could only be accomplished by the establishment of a tariff (E). Also cite that the establishment of the Tariff of 1816 was approved in an 88 to 54 ratio (H). Explain how the Tariff of 1816 led to internal improvements, for instance roads and canals. Cite that John C. Calhoun supported the idea of internal improvements (D). Mention the Erie Canal and the Cumberland National Road as examples. Include that the enhancement of infrastructure made trade easier among the states and made them feel more nationalistic. A Single Party. Explain in detail the
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