How Did Britain Contribute To The Unification Of Germany

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In 1861-1865, north of the United States won the Civil War that transformed a Union of States into a Nation. This war lifted the institution of slavery that had mocked the Declaration of Independence and compromised the cohesion of American government. Bismarck from Germany successfully effected the unification of Germany. Garibaldi also had a similar achievement in Italy. The Monarchy of Austria also established a hybrid national state. While the Russia aimed to achieve a national state with the approach to eliminate all slavery and other reforms. British had its glory day when their nationalism was high and pride. All in all, nationalism was a great success in Europe and the United States. The emotions of the American Revolution affected the state rather than to nation. It took forty years before a church could bind the loyalties of Americans. After the War of 1812, the focus of nationalist sentiment grew stronger for the condition of liberty. The development of a nation continued to be a preoccupation of Americans in the twentieth century. It was a time consuming process for the nation to find its suitable symbols to display loyalty. The national flag was re-designed a couple of times; so is the national anthem. Another development was the relationship between state and federal governments. This relationship laid the seeds in the making of the Constitution. As many people believed, America being a new world, it must have a divine…show more content…
When this demand stacks up real high, the nation tends to take advantage of other nation. As nationalism evolved in the nineteenth century, it became imperialism, totalitarianism and racism. After a century of evolving, nations finally turned into world wars. First with World War I from 1914 to 1919. Followed by World War II from 1939 to 1945. Even today, some of the conflicts still
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