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Civil War Paper and Presentation Laurie Moore His/115 May 26, 2013 Professor George Megenney Civil War Paper and Presentation The Civil War and all of its glory and devastation cost this country a major loss of Americans, over 600,000. I have a feeling since the subject is a debatable topic that it may be hard for many to see how they actually feel about it. Foote was one of a few that had opinions that actually helped many get a modern understanding of the Civil War. I believe that Foote was trying to say that the Civil War was the definition of this Nation. We fought England together for our independence, but after that time when trying to gain this countries own footing we seem to separate. Foote states, “The Civil War defined…show more content…
The opinion of “why” the North won when the South had fewer loss of men was answered in many different ways. Many can say the North won because of them wanting freedom for all, but that does not change the amount of people fighting on opposite sides. The North had more men to fight in the war, so even though the South suffered less loss of men it still did not even out the numbers, not to mention the North was continually enrolling more men to fight during the course of the war. Another reason could be the loss of Stonewall Jackson and the confidence that took from the confederate soldiers. I also think that the North gained major strength after the win at Gettysburg. The North made very good battle decisions like cutting off access to the Southern ports. The North was in financially better position and had more weapons and the ability to stay supplied. England and France wanted no part of the war so both sides had to sustain their efforts on their own. Both sides were determined, but I believe that in the end when the South surrendered it was a good thing for both sides. I also think that the South regretted that decision and could have pushed on if they hearts would have still been in it. Lincoln had one main objective to keep the Union together and not let the South secede. One thing the South clearly misjudged was that the North would be able to continue on with the war, they were hoping they would give up at the start. With the ability to gain more soldiers and afford the supplies needed the North had increased its chances of winning the war, the longer the war went on the less chance the South had at winning. Lincoln had a determination to keep the states united and that was what pushed the Civil War to go as long as it did and also give the North the win. “He was clearly willing to sacrifice his personal goals in favor of the preservation of the Union. In fact the abolition of slavery didn't even become
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